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Hello. I recently installed windows 8. Had some issues with my games so I decided to revert to windows 7. Installed windows 7 restarted to finish the end of the installation. tried to boot and got a system boot error. Decided to just format and re-install. Well I went to format via installer and got the couldnt not format windows disk error 0x80070057. I looked up tips on how to fix this.
1. check my sata cables, replaced with a spare new one.
2. unplugged all other hard drives.
bios reads the disk and Ive never had any trouble with my hard drive.
its a Seagate ST3500630AS 500gb sata drive.
I tried to format many times and still i get this error. Now I cant even clean install and OS onto it.
Currently I am using the cmd in the installer to disk part format it in ntfs.
If this doesnt work what could be causing this problem. Its almost a brand new drive and i dont have money to spend on another at the moment.
Sometimes before when ive tried to format using the cmd ill get an error half way threw.
also my rig is
intel core 2 quad q6600
evga i790-ftw
nvidia pny 560gtx
700w apevia psu.
I've been up all threw the night trying to get this to work as I have a website i need to finish so any helpl asap would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Well update. Found another hdd that was the exact one I had. tried to install. Erased partitions, created a new one, got the same error! What is going on. I know have 2 hdd that are of no use to me...
  2. disconnect the drive and reset the bios and reset configuration data (also in the bios) then save and reboot. After 'no boot drevice found'' shut down and reinstall the drive and boot up off the windows install disk.
    let us know if that changed anything.
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