Dell dimension network adapter troubles

I just reformatted an old dell, ive installed all the sound/graphics drivers. but for some reason i can't seem to get it to connect to the internet. ive searched and troubleshooted/downloaded driver after driver for over 2 hours and nothing. any ideas?

dell dimension 8200 although the service tag on dell appears to be an 8250. the driver disk claims its an 8250 also
cpu: pentium 4 @2.66ghz
ram: 2x128mb's
120 gb hard drive.
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  1. solved. used network drivers from a dimension 2400. worked perfectly
  2. hell no lol. another reason i love my comp ;)
  3. upgrade what? the dell? things from 2002 lol gna leave it alone
  4. Best answer selected by jason gran.
  5. i gave it to my mom for internet browsing etc. i do however wana look at a ram upgrade to see if its cheap...but having a hard time finding what ram i need
  6. every site is giving me different answers or ram that you cant buy. hmm this is more challenging then i thought lol
  7. theres nothing lol. theres 4 rams 2 are regular size and the other 2 are tiny. just says dell on em...

    edit: 1 says pwb9578d
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