Internal HDD not detected in BIOS after Disk Check

Hello guys,

My name is Deepak

First these are the specs: Intel Mobo DG41RQ
Seagate Barracuda 500 GB HDD
ATI Radeon HD 6450
Windows 7 Ultimate -64bit

While I was using my desktop suddenly my ups got restarted somehow (don't know how,maybe voltage fluctuation). I switched the desktop back on and while booting there was disk checking. After that the booting happened only upto the welcome screen of windows and got restarted without any prompting. This time BIOS was unable to identify my HDD. Says " A bootable device has not been detected. Please refer to the Product Guide at". I went to the Boot Menu and the HDD was not listed, so is in the Device Configuration. In both of them, the only device listed is my DVD Drive . I tried plugging the HDD to different SATA points in the Mobo. The result was same.The lights on the CPU are lit (not blinking though, if that helps) Did my HDD got corrupted? Can it be a problem with the SATA cable. What could be the problem and what are my options. :(

Thank you for your time...!! :)
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  1. A power surge may have fried the sata controller on the motherboard or possibly the drive electronics.

    Try the drive in anothe computer and see if the bios sees it. If it does, then most likely your sata controller is dead. If it doesn't see the drive, then the drive is most likely dead.
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