Msi ngtx 470 twin frozr 2 vs gtx 470

can anyone help me? I just bought the msi ngtx 470 twin frozr 2 and i dont think it preforms up to its specs... iplayed mafia 2 on my previous card(gts 250!) and there was no lag on 1080p everything maxed out but my 470 lags and i alomost want to put in the 250 again?
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  1. It would be helpful if you listed all your specs, and maybe give us a performance benchmark like 3dmark06 or 3dmark Vantage.

    The 470 should be a lot better than your 250.

    As for possible problems go, you could have a PSU not capible of running the 470.
    You might not have seated the card well, causing it to run at PCIe x1 or x4 (run GPU-Z to find out).
    Your drivers may not be properly installed.
  2. Specs: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 (7-9-2010) - nvoglv64
    GPU:607MHz - Memory:1674MHz - Shader:1215MHz
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 660 @ 3.33GHz
    cpu speed : 3343 MHz
    system memory : 4087 MB
    Windows 7 64-bit build 7600 [No Service Pack]

    i ran a test on mafia 2 and it only puts out like 17 fps. The 250 started at 30 fps and leveld at about 27 fps on the benchmark.

    i just ran a test on msi kombustor and the results were:
    Res:1920x1080(FS) - AA:16X MSAA - PostFX:OFF
    FPS: min=32 max=57 avg=53
    Codepath: OpenGL 3
    Max GPU Temp: 66°C
    SCORE: 3171 points - Time: 60000 m

    i hope that helps. and thank you.
  3. oh and i have a 550 watt psu
  4. i got gpu-z . gtx 470 specs:
    PCI-E x16 @ x8
    i hope that helps. The rest of the test looks normal.
    thanx again
  5. Sorry last thing my gpus min requirments for a psu is 550 watt and my mboard has a pci-e x16 @x16 speed slot but my gpu is running @ x8?
  6. make sure that the GPU is seated well and that all those gold pins is in the PCI-e slot. all those gold pins must have contact to make it x16.
  7. Yes, definately remove and reinstall the card physically. It should be running at x16, and if it's not, it's usually a problem with the seating.
  8. thanx ill try that! :) do you think this is the main problem for my loss of preformance? because isnt it running at half of its speed?
  9. I don't know. Normally, if a card like that is in a x8 slot, it performs within 98% of it's ability, but if it's at x8 due to poor seating, it's possible more things are going wrong as a result.
  10. hi i just removed my card and reseated it but the problem still exsists. how should it be seated? and what could else be the problem?
  11. Sometimes when you seat a card, it isn't flush with the case. So when you go to screw it into the case, a portion of the card is pulled out of the slot. Try re-installing the card without screwing it into the case.
  12. thank you very much ill quickly try that
  13. Be very careful that you don't break your PCI-E slot. You may want to lay the case on its side to reduce the strain on the slot.
  14. i tried everything. i cleaned the slot , reinstalled it and unscrewed it and i still think the seating isnt right even though it looks right. i have a p7p55d-e asus mboard and it has pci-e x16 @x16 slots. i will try refitting it again . if the seating isnt right what else can it cause? thanx
  15. What is the exact model of your motherboard? There are a lot of varients of the P7P55D-E (ex. "Premium", "Pro", "Deluxe")
  16. i know about the variations and i have the entry model it is just a p7p55d-e.
  17. hi my father also has gaming rig and i just took out his msi ngtx 470 and swapped it with my msi ngtx 470 twin frozr 2 to see if there is a problem with the card. this brings me back to my question : Ngtx 470 tf 2 vs gtx 470. he has the standard gtx 470 and on his system it ran really good no lag and so on but i just put his gpu in my system and the same results consists. My bus interface for the pci-e slot is still running at x 8 and not at full speed? is there then something wrong with my mboard? because i dont think there is anything wrong with the gpu then?
  18. my brother has the exact same system i have exept for a gts 250 that runs great on everything. i ran the gpu-z on his system this morning and it says that his slot his running at pci-e x16 @x16 2.0 and he has the same mboard i have?
  19. i got it working at x16 @x16 but still lacks preformance . i ran mafia 2 and only got 17 fps where i got 27 fps (same settings) on the gts 250 . the gtx 470 ran at 30 fps on my father`s sytem . i really dont know what to do now?
  20. First off - Don't base all of your results off of Mafia II. I'm glad to hear that you have got it working at x16. Go into your video settings in Mafia II, and check to see if Physx is enabled. If Physx is on high, then try setting it to medium or off. Then check the same thing on your father's system. (My 480 gets 30-40fps average in Mafia II with Physx on high)
  21. cool thanx and i know i shouldnt base everything of mafia 2 but it was just weird that getting 27 fps on the gts 250 with everything to the max with physx and then getting 17 fps on the gtx (same settings). its like i downgraded but i think its just something to do with my mboard and drivers. yes i know the 480 is a monster! but thank you
  22. i did some more research and i saw that the 250 has a faster clock speed than the 470 but then again the 470 has more cores. How much more better is the 470 than the 250?
  23. The 470 should wipe the floor with a 250! There is something not quite right here (Sorry about the delayed response, had 5 problematic computers today I had to fix... O_o)
  24. no problem :) thanx. Yes i know the 470 is supposed kick ass but there is is seriously something wrong i changed back to the 250 again and still it owns most of my games in full physx and with everything set to max and still run at 27 fps. either i have a 250 on steriods or my 470 is faulty.
  25. do you know about someone having the same problem? because isnt the 470 like a 1000 times faster and better than the 250? my windows is rating the card 7.4 but on my dads pc 7.7 ???
  26. O_o... I guess I must be having a problem then, if your dad's pc gets 7.7 on the WEI. My 480 scores the same as your 470, 7.4. I would RMA your card, if you can, and see what happens when you get a new one.
  27. oh oky but he has the rampage 2 mboard. does that effect your graphics? yes i talked to my dad and he said mayb we should return it and get a new one.
  28. I would try RMA'ing first. The board speed shouldn't have a huge effect on performance (Unless your PCI-E slots were running at 4x instead of 16x)
  29. i packed it up. im going to rma it because if a gts 250 preforms better than this
    470 it im not thinking twice haha but thanx for all the help
  30. Before anything, did you do a fresh install of drivers after putting in the 470, that could be the culprit.
    Dont want to RMA a good card because of a software issue and get charged a restocking fee and shipping.
  31. yah your right i did do a reinstall on all my drivers but i think mayb trying one more time will do the trick. because when i finally desided to go back to gts 250 was when playing counter strike and my gpu usage was on 70% and now on the gts 250 it was 10%. and all my games seem to run perfectly maxed out even physx games like mafia 2 ran perfectly with no lag. so i think there is defenitely something wrong with the 470.
  32. Did you a full driversweep clean? There was a person that had almost the same problem upgrading from a 7900GTX to a GTS250.

    That or a underpowered PSU, which model is it? There are loads of "550W"s that deliver barely 30W.

    I doubt the cards bad, most cases its simply working or not.
  33. I bought the msi twin frozr ngtx470 because of superior cooling and quiet fans. It doesn't work, I bought off newegg week ago and it crashes in every game I have and now I have to RMA it. Kombuster even crashes after few seconds at default settings. I have gateway quad q6600 4 megs ram, 700 watt ps. All new drivers. My gtx 8800 pny card had for 2 years runs great. This msi card crashes every game even old ones, says video driver stopped working but has recovered. Also my monitor I have had for 3 years stopped working first time I powered my computer with this card and my monitor is now in for repair. I say RMA your card. If I get a second bad card i will not buy msi cards anymore. And newegg can limit posts to the acct to make feedback look better than it really is. I put in a review of the card but they didn't post it. You tryed everything, so rma it.
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