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Beginner Seeking Advice

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December 15, 2000 2:46:40 PM

My PC is PII-300, 20G @ 5400 rpm. I have Sony digital videocam and video capture card. I edited captured AVI file with Video@Home software associated with the card and compressed to MPEG to make VCD. The quality after compression is not so good with sawed-edge for moving objects. Is it the compression software problem? Can I do it with other recommended software for better quality? Do I really need a compression card? Do I have to upgrade my PC? My objective is to achieve acceptable quality with less investment. Who can give me recommendations?
December 18, 2000 2:13:29 PM

I'm just getting started learning about this, but my understanding is that your going from a higher fromat to a lower format, thus reducing the quality.
I have a Sony Digital8 camcorder and it has a IEEE in/out port.
Yours should have the same. Us that port input to the computer(if your input card allows it) and convert it to mpeg2. VCD is less quality/resolution then mpeg 2-- sorry don't remember the #'s.

Hope this helps.
Check out and their online book.

Take Care.
If money was no object, how could you spend it!
December 19, 2000 1:32:38 PM

Try using a filter on your output video when processing. If you are making a VCD type disk, the resolution is low and the correct filter will give it the appearance of being smoother.