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I recently obtained a Dell poweredge 840 with a Drac 4 card installed. I am able to login to the drac cards GUI from the local machine by going to https://computername:1311. I can login and do everything I think it is capable of. However from outside the server I cannot login at all. below is an outline of the steps I have taken to get this working without avail.

1. Installed Dell open management software - obviously or it wouldn't work
2. Rebooted and ensured DRAC card NIC was configured to use static IP from my network and ensured gateway and subnet was assigned properly.
3. Plugged additional NIC card on DRAC card into network switch. I now have my gigabit card plugged in for regular network access and the drac card NIC.
4. Ensured that the user account has privileges within the card.
5. Ensured card was installed properly in the windows device manager. I am using the video card built into the DRAC as the system video card. Mainly because if the DRAC card is plugged in the server defaults to it as its video source.

I'm just not sure what to do from here. I read copious amounts of dell manuals for the card. I can't use the assigned IP from any computer on the LAN to connect to the DRAC. I can see it pulls the IP from the DHCP on my router and is using it. Does anybody know how I can connect to it and use the cards functions from outside of the server on the LAN? I'm sure if I can get that going I can get access from outside of the LAN going. Any help would be much appreciated. If it matters I do have WOL working from outside and inside the LAN on the Gigabit NIC so I know its awake.

I am running Windows server 2008 r2. Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. Have you tried browsing to the IP address without using the port number? I just use https://drac-ip-address to connect to all of mine. I'm thinking the 1311 port is for the OpenManage application installed on the server. The drac has a different web interface and it does not require OpenManage to be installed to work.
  2. To answer your question - Yes, thats why I think something is configured wrongly. I have tried it with and without the https. I have as the main gigabit NIC address, as the DRAC address. I didn't notice if there was a firewall exception listed for it on the server but I will check. Since you have experience with it, I should be able to access the DRAC even if the server is powered off correct? As long as power is running to the server that is. Since you mentioned that I don't need OpenManage to be installed I geuss I haven't even logged into the DRAC ever. I just use openManage to access the BMC in windows and assumed the DRAC just gave me access to that outside of windows. Is there anyway to test the drac to ensure it is installed correctly? It came plugged into the board and also has a ribbon cable that plugs into another port on the board. Thanks!
  3. Just wanted tp update the post. I think the DRAC card is actually bad. It shows up on boot in the BIOS and says remote access card detected but I cannot find it anywhere else in the BIOS or in windows. When I go to the command prompt to get its IP it says error ensure there is a card installed. When I login to the OSMA it shows no DRAC card being installed. When I check the device manager it just shows the device as a Radeon video card.
  4. Yeah, you should be able to access the config at boot. On mine there is an option to enter the drac config after the raid controller init. If memory serves, you press ctrl-e when you see the drac message during post. That's where you set its ip and other settings. And yes, drac's can be accessed when the server is powered off. It might be bad. I'm not sure how you would go about testing it though, sorry. I have not used a drac 4... only the 5 and 6 series on 2950 and R710 servers.
  5. Ok, I'm back with a new DRAC card of the same model installed. I have it installed correctly and it appears to be working. I am able to get to it via the OSMA and its own web console locally and remotely. The problem now is that I can't find any of the features that it supports. I can go to the OSMA console and see its there, check its network status and log into its own (the DRAC cards) web console seperately from the OSMA console. I don't see where I can login and reboot the system, enter BIOS and the "pre-windows" environment, etc. All I can do is see the card, adjust its network settings and change its name.
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