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Hi, at the end of the month I am looking to upgrade my mobo, cpu, and ram. I have settled on the following:

Kingston HyperX 8Gb DDR 3-1600 Non ECC CL9 Memory Modules 2 X 4Gb (KHX1600C98GX)
ASUS Maximus IV GENE Z Z68 Chipset LGA 1155 DDR3 Motherboard (MBMAXIMUSIVGENEZ)
Intel Core i5 2500K - 3.30GHz Quad Core, Socket 1155

I read somewhere that the i5 needs 1.5V, but when I check my RAM specs it has "Input Voltage: 1.9 V". It this an issue?

I am also looking to OC the processor. Probably just using the onboard OC tools to automatically set the timings etc. Will it adversely affect the product life of my processor based on the voltage?

I have a Coolmaster V8 CPU cooler, so I don't think there will be temp issues.

This rig needs to keep me going until Haswell comes out, that is the reason for the OC.

I have a 850W PSU, and a Geforce 470 GTX.

Thanks for any help on this.
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  1. Don't worry that's normal voltage for 4GB 1600 MHz memory. I also used that one in my old i5 configuration.

    I can stably tune my i5 to 4.2GHz with air cool and using till now.

    No error at all. And the memory is running in XMP 1600 mode.
  2. Awesome, thanks a mil.
  3. hi friend
    the ideal ram volt for sandybridge system is 1.5 volt
    i think u must chang it if u wanna good oc and good comptaple compnents ang
    and if u try to oc ur ram u must over ur ram volt
    so the 1.5 vole is better than 1.9 at the volt and comptepility and heat temp
  4. Please use 1.5V memory. Other memory may work, may OC, but if one set does its no guarantee another will. That's what "specs" are for.
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