GTX 280 Graphics Blink and Flicker


I would like to apologize for my lack of knowledge right off the bat. With that being said whenever I play games it seems one of two things will happen. Objects, backgrounds whatever will flicker in and out which makes playing unbearable. Also at random times it will appear as if snowy pixel static will slowly build up until nothing is visible and I have to reboot.

Any ideas? Thank you.
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  1. Your GPU could simply be overheating. Worst case it's actually failing :(. Anyway clean out your case. Used some compressed air to blow out the GPU heatsink and get all that dust out. If that fixes it then there you go. If not, then your GPU may be on your way out and you should check to see if you still got any warranty left on it.
  2. Is it overclocked?
  3. cleaned it and still having the same problems and no it is not overclocked. It only happens during game play of video games. Not during regular website viewing or other programs, but just during games.
  4. any ideas?
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