Pioneer DVR-220BK vs Samsung SH224BB/RSMS

Hey there,

I've narrowed down my search for a Dual Layer burner to these two models and just can't pick between them.

There isn't much price difference between the two models where I'm buying from, they are both £14 pounds / $21 dollars. I have checked some places and I don't know if they are accurate but one isn't much newer than the other both released about October (Samsung) / November (Pioneer) time.

I'd appreciate it if you could help suggest which one is the better model to go for, thanks everyone!

Pioneer DVR-220BK:

Samsung SH224BB/RSMS
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  1. I have 2 of those samsungs going on 2 years now and doing well, not that I burn alot. From your other post I have (had) almost all those drives but the sony's. Most drives are decent now, the crappy ones they just stopped making...
    Of them all Ilike LiteOns easy firmware updates. Sometimes even programmers put out new firmware to enable even more speed.
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