CPU temps - Cooling...

I currently have this set up:
Comapq CQ5222 case, AMD Phenom X4 970BE at 3.5ghz, ATI 5670, stock cooler...

My cpu temps are getting dangerously close to the 62C cutoff point.
My other temps are fine though, GPU 35C idle, 50C load.

Here are my cpu temp stats
Startup: 35-40C
Internet: 45-50C
Multitasking: 55C
Flight Simulator X: 55 - 61C

This is the current cooler i use (stock)

here is a cooler that came with the pc on an Athlon 215
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  1. Also, im soon getting a CM Storm Scout with 1x 14cm front fan, 1x 14cm top fan, 1x 12cm rear fan and 2x side 12cm fan.
  2. I got a Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro rev 2 Socket 775 which has cooled down my pc a lot - sits in and around 23 degrees celsius now or around 40 when i'm running something demanding (total war etc)
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