Can the ATI FirePro V4800 card fit in my Antec Solo EC case?

Well, everything is in the title. I want to buy a FirePro V4800 but I cannot find on the web the exact length of the product. Just the package dimensions which are 11,5x9,5x2,87In. I will buy the Antec Solo very soon, but I cannot check the size of the FireProV4800 in any store because it is not sold in the country where I live. I will buy it later when I travel abroad.
Thank you for any advice.
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  1. Is this your case ?

    If Yes, then you would have no issues fitting the V4800...It is not a very long card and the case is a standard mid tower...
  2. Yes it is. Thank you so much for your fast answer.
    I found a better description of FirePro cards here where you can read that the FirePro V7800 is over 11 inches and the V3800 is just under 7 inches. I still don't know what the exact length of the V4800 is, but it is probably fitting in the Antec Solo.
  3. ^ The 4800 doesnt need additional power, so no power circuitry on board and hence these cards are shorter, so they would fit no issues...
  4. gkay09, thanks for the explanation.
    I just looked with a little bit more of attention the pictures of the three cards. The proportion of the PCIe connector on the V4800 is almost like on the V3800. With the V7800 the connector is covering only half of the card's length. These connectors should be the same, right. So... no issue
  5. ^ Yep, no issues...
    Good Luck...
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