How do you fix bad sectors on hard drive WD i HTS54 External

Hi i have an external hard drive WD I HTS54 External but it takes long for any computer to recognize it and even makes the comp slow. It also says that it has some few bad sectors lyk 254 of them. plz advice on how i can fix it. i use windows 7 or linux at tyms.
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  1. The first thing you need to do is to copy all irreplaceable data to another drive or optical disks, if you haven't done so already. Bad sectors don't get fixed. They get marked as bad so they no longer get written to. A few bad sectors isn't much of an issue, but if they continue to increase, the drive will need to be replaced. Run WD's diagnostic software. If you don't understand the results, post them here and someone can explain them to you.
  2. I have the same issue with an internal hard drive, I think the normal count for bad sectors would be around 4-6 bad sectors, more than that means the hard drive is going to die soon.
    What program gave you the count? I recommend using spinrite or HD regenerator.
    Good Luck.
  3. WEll there is a way which prefectly worked with me
    download HDD REGENERATOR
    which u can even dowload
    the when the program opens ( you have to do it in another pc and )
    click create boot usb or boot cd
    then put it into ur wronged pc and boot it from it
    the rest uwill find out
    i had bad sectors ilke 649 woow:bounce:
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