Updrading Ram, will it work properly?

This may be a silly question but I want to make sure it will work before I make the purchase. I currently have 2 sticks of gskill f3-12800cl9-4gbrl in my blue slots in an Asus model M4A87TD/USB3 motherboard.
I would like to add another 2 sticks into my black slots. However in the asus QVC it does not show support for this model ram in 4 dimms. What exactly does this mean? Does this mean 4 sticks of this memory will not work or run in single channel?

Any feedback is appreciated!
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  1. Forget the QVC. It's not useful.

    You memory will work very fine!
  2. Thank you both for putting my mind at ease.

    @ wener123 I use my PC as a server and will often use near all of my 4gb of ram. I just want to be prepared and have it there in case it is needed. Obviously the best solution would to be a dedicated server but I cannot afford that at this time.
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