Do they make external RAIDs with power eSATA (eSATAp) ??


I was thinking about going with an external RAID0 array setup, but don't want to deal with yet another power cord and another item going into my UPS. But after doing some searches, I have yet to find a RAID enclosure (let alone an external RAID with drives) that has a powered eSATA port.

Is there some other workaround perhaps? Like a eSATAp to eSATA/USB cable/adapter where the USB plugs into a device with both eSATA and USB, and the USB will provide the power then?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. a USB port does not provide enough power to run a 3.5" drive; therefore, the enclosure requires a power-cord/transformer.
  2. I think you missed the gist of my post ... I'm asking about eSATAp (powered eSATA).
  3. You asked about powering by usb, he told you its not feasable.

    A simular answer applies to esata. How much power do think it can deleiver?

    external raid enclosures are self powered to eliminate any risk of underpowering the drives or burning out the power circuitry on the esata board/motherbd. remember they have no idea what drive you will be installing; 5400 rpm drives need less power than 15k drives you see.
  4. My understanding is that powered eSATA is intended to power a single drive, not an entire array. I would plan on using an external power cable.
  5. Ok, thanks guys, sonuds like they just don't make them. However, according to the spec, there are usually two 5V pins on a laptop, and on a desktop there are those and and two 12V pins. More than enough power for single 2.5" drive, and enough for a single 3.5", but probably not enough for two 3.5" drives, as you said. I'm not sure how much power they require.

    If they made a RAID array with two 2.5" drives it would work I believe. Oh well ... looks like I'm going with an internal setup. Thanks very much for everyone's input.
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