Gpu-z states my HD5650 has DDR2 ram?

Hi. I just purchased an hp laptop yesterday (dv6-3023ca) and I ran gpu-z only to find that my 5650 is running on DDR2! Is the possible? And if so, should I do something about this? I read that it only supports (G)DDR3
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  1. That's my issue though. It is supposed to have DDR3. I guess what I'd like to know is if gpu-z is ever wrong, or if it's even possible for a 5650 to run on DDR2. Thanks.
  2. What version of GPUz are you running?

    If not download from TechPowerUp. They have new newest version because one of the guys on that site makes it.
  3. If that's true then contact the HP Costumer Service Center to solve this issue, cause ddr2 is slower than ddr3...
  4. **EDIT** ipartiedwithbob--> sadhpowner
    Woah I didn't even realize I had a profile here

    I ran version 0.4.6 from techpowerup, then proceeded to try all of the other versions with the same DDR2 outcome.
    I've already called HP and they said exchange it for a new laptop.

    Before jumping to any conclusions I figured I'd try updating the drivers(through device manager's automatic download) and guess what?

    Screen went blank, and it plan's on remaining that way by the looks of it.

    oh my.. Heard HP was garbage anyway.
  5. Well, that's too bad.
    RMA your laptop to get a replacement.
  6. Me too in a pavilion dv7-4090es, I've run 0.4.7 and the newest 0.4.8 from techpowerup and reports that my 5650 has got DDR2 memory. Now waiting an answer from HP customer service - España.
  7. False or incorrect advertising?
  8. Yes!

    HP claims DDR3 memory for that model in their webpage, in the store where I purchased and even over the laptop box.

    HP Pavilion dv7-4090es

    "ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5650 Graphics (conmutable), hasta 2714 MB de memoria gráfica total con 1 GB DDR3 de memoria dedicada"

    Some pics here
  9. could you post a screenshot of your gpuz? even easier if you do that at the official support forum
  10. OK, here is it!

    GPU-Z 0.4.8

    wrong GPU Clock, reporting M880G integrated GPU" class="img lazy">
    DDR2 insted DDR3 Memory Type, reporting HD5650 dedicated GPU

    I'll post these screenshots at the support forum ASAP.

    Thanks 4 4ll!
  11. GPU-Z 0.4.8 actually has a few "bugs" in it. It mis-reports the texture fillrate on GTX460 cards... couple screenshots of it here:
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