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Ok so I recently bought a new case the 932 from cooler master and after installing everything from my old case to the new one I press the power button and everything come on a starts to run but I get no display just a black screen. The motherboard is dell and pretty much the only thing still dell till I get a new MB, the power supply is a Corsair tx750watt, and I have a nividia 250 graphics card. After it wouldn't work in the new case I moved everything back into the dell case and hooked it up and it works fine. The only things different in the connections of the two cases are there's a 1394 plug for the new case which my motherboard has a plug in for, three fan connections on the new case, and on the old case the front panel stuff is all on the same plug in and on the new case it's seperated into the power, reset, hd led, and power led. I think this actually might be my issue be am unsure so any help would be welcome. Here's some pictures of the connections I have for the front panel and the plug in on the dell MB.

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  1. Fixed the problem myself
  2. What was the fix? I am having a similar problem.
  3. jmcneila said:
    What was the fix? I am having a similar problem.

    Make a new thread to tell us the problem ok?
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