New monitor says hdmi no signal

so brand new monitor says hdmi no signal but vga works. how do i tell if its the video card or the monitor if i have no other hdmi devices. is there some program to test the video card or something?
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  1. Has HDMI worked previously on this card? And have you tried manually switching the input on the monitor (from VGA to HDMI)?
  2. never tried but my vga monitor works with a dvi adapter in the hdmi slot. and yeah ive switched modes manually. I can make my new monitor play through the hdmi port if I use the vga cord with the dvi adapter, so I guess that probably means it is the monitor right?
  3. Does your monitor have an OSD? (On screen Display) If so, plug in your monitor via HDMI, open up the OSD, go to Input select (or similar), then select HDMI. See if this works.
  4. i gave that a shot. seems to do the same as pushing the input select button
  5. Okay, so the way you got it to work was:
    DVI port on the card --> DVI to VGA adapter --> VGA cable --> Monitor?
    Look in your BIOS to make sure that HDMI isn't disabled, and if you have any way to test the monitor with a different HDMI source, do so that we can narrow down the list of potential problems.
  6. yes thats how i got it to work. but , and i dont know how but, its working now-with the hdmi cord. i disconnected everything and the hooked it back up with hdmi and it works. so thanks for helping me but i guess the problem was user error.
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