Neither USB nor PS/2 keyboard working during boot.

Hi, not exactly sure where I should post this but i'll try here.

So, my USB keyboard has refused to work durng boot for a while now. Which means it's impossible for me to get into BIOS. I googled abit and found that I should get a PS/2 keyboard and plug that in instead. Said and done, bought one. I tested it on another computer and the keyboard worked there.
Now to the problem. The ps/2 keyboard doesnt work during boot either! I have some options for a few seconds before the booting starts and I can shift around there with it. But after that first screen is gone and the computer is starting up the ps/2 doesnt work at all. It doesnt even work after the boot, it just doesnt respond. But it "works" durng those few seconds in the start. I really need to get into BIOS but I just can't do it.

Is there anyone here kind enough to provide some guidance? I want to reformat my computer but I dont dare to due to this problem since I can't access BIOS. Should I just go out and buy another PS/2 keyboard?
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  1. I dont quite understand, the first screens you could possibly get into IS the bios, Usually you enter the bios by pressing Del key shortly after the power on beep. There may or may not be a message on the screen telling to PRESS KEY TO ENTER THE BIOS Plus which key you need to press changes witht he bios. Its usually Del but I've seen F1, F2, f10, ESC on newer pc's. Some old, really old, are ctrl+alt+esc, ctrl+alt+enter, Ctrl+alt+insert, insert,...
  2. Yes, I shouldn't have mentioned the first screen at all really... I knew it would just be confusing. I can click "Enter Bios" there but nothing happends it just starts up as usual and after that first screen is where i'm supposed to press f1 or whatever to get into BIOS but thats when the keyboards just stops working until the OS is up.
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