Corsair Vengeance VS. G.Skill Ripjaws(4GB)

So I'm off to build a new Budget Gaming PC...but since I'm very far from US(Azerbaijan),I'll not be able to change my decision later...and i'm picky one :)
But can't decide which one will be perfect
I don't care about color of them,or how big they are...just Performance side compare :)
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    There is no tangible system performance difference between DDR3 RAM of the same frequency. Buy which ever tested, matched RAM kit that is approved for your CPU, that makes you happy. They are both quality RAM.
  2. Assuming you are looking at 2 models with the same timings, you won't notice a difference.
  3. both are good manufacturer so there is no difference in them buy anyone of them.
  4. Ok,problem solved...:)
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