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Hi all. The primary hard drive (a Samsung SP2504C, SATA II) in my PC has gone kaput. Windows XP wouldn't load up at all. I had a secondary hard drive in the machine (a Hitachi Deskstar, SATA II) which I've now made my primary and installed Windows XP on, but there is some data on the old Samsung drive that I'd like to recover.

I've tried using the old Samsung drive as a secondary, and even though it is there in BIOS, it doesn't show up in Windows Explorer. I've had a look in Disk Management and it's showing there too, but none of the partitions on it are showing. I have a feeling the only way to make it work is to reformat it but I don't want to lose the data that's on it. Does anybody have any ideas how to recover the data without reformatting it? Thanks.
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  1. try using data recovery software like recuva or easues. Do not format the drive.
  2. Thanks for your replies but is there a way for me to access the disk even if Windows Explorer is not recognising it? Like I said, the disk is listed in BIOS and is there in Disk Management, but looks as though it needs to be activated or formatted. I can download Recuva or a similar program, but I thought that they only work for drives that have been erased or reformatted.
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