Dell 2407 & 2005 issues??!

Hey, i just picked up a used 2407wfp, i plugged the monitor into my macbook before i bought it, worked fine, got home plugged it into my home computer and it worked fine, i rebooted the computer plugged in the second monitor (2005fwp) and now only the 2005 comes on, and the 2407 has an orange light, i unhooked the 2005 and just hooked in the 2407 and that wont work now?!? someone said it could have something to do with the hertz ??
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  1. first make up your mind which monitor to use :)
    try installing the drivers for the 2407
    make sure the correct momitor your using is listed in the setup config in the control panel ...display etc
  2. LOL well i wanted to use both! there's drivers for monitors????!? I thought there all just plug and play. I rehooked it up to my macbook and it wont pick it up, something is wrong with it. and i also tried the 2407 by itself with my desktop, cant see anything, funny thing is i tried the composite options and hooked my ps2 into it and it works fine.?!?
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