Asus A8V Deluxe fails to recognize Sata HDDs


I have been suffereing from a problem that I thought I was posing to. It deals with using an ASUS A8V Deluxe Motherboard with an AMD processor. A couple of months ago, my stand alone HDD stopped working. I figured the drive died. When I swapped out the drive with others, they did not work either. I can not get my VIA SATA driver to "recognize" anything inserted into my spare SATA connections. I have one RAID 0 array running using the Fastrack (onboard) Raid controller. It works fine. I've tried about every option in the BIOS setup that I can think of. Everything is turned on. The driver says it is up-to-date.
This all occurred after reinstalling Win XP on my system. Now, no HDDs or my SATA Blu-Ray can be seen by the BIOS or Win XP.
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  1. Welcome! I do not know what you where replying to but have you activated the controller in BIOS?
  2. Yes, I have. A fried of mine has suggested re-flashing the BIOS. I'll have to figure out how to do that. I have a RAID 0 array that runs fine using the Fastrack RAID controller onboard. The two remaining SATA slots are for other accessories. I have a blu-ray on one and a larger HDD on the other. I can't get anything to read on them or on a separate SATA/RAID card installed in a PCI slot. I can get any HDD to work via USB with an Internal - USB conversion rig I have (good piece of gear). Thanks for your assistance!
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