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Can someone help me. I have my son's EXBOX hooked to my PC, I'm trying to set his EBOX so I can send emails and internet. I know how to do that but the EXBOX contrller is the problem, I'm to old to even want to try to use it. I just was to access the setting set him up to XBOX live and be able to send him pictures and video clips, just make maximum capatity, I'm not familiar with XBOX features.
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  1. I think this thread needs more clarification.

    Xbox connected to PC? or do you mean your router?

    Also using to send emails and internet? I am not even sure it can do that. I know that now it has facebook, so in a way I guess it could send email but I dont know what you mean by internet.

    There is a keypad that you can buy for the xbox that will allow you to send messages easily.... Copy and Paste link.

    That should handle the issue with messaging. For the other issues, please be a tad more specific
  2. HI Stuckless.

    I admire you for communicating with me so nicely. I have dyslexia and it is extremely had for me to put my thoughts in writing, and organize them. I know I didn't make sense and you were so nice about it and did an awesome job of communicating in a less than ideal situation. Plus you answered my question! First I'm checking about the keypad you can buy for x-box, that my first step. Thex I will try to write a new inquiry. My next step is configuring the Ethernet Plug in to the computer.

    Again a big thank you. :hello:

  3. Well the link I posted in the thread will get you a MS keypad, not a normal keyboard but its the best they offer. It will allow you to type as if you were using a keyboard.

    As for connecting you xbox to the computer, while you CAN do that, I would suggest getting a router.

    Now thats a wireless one, but you could get away with a plain wired one.

    That way you could have both devices (Computer and Xbox) connected to the internet and one is not piggy backing off the other.

    I would suggest getting a dlink router, basic simple one off the shelf is fine and as long as your computer and xbox are set to automatically recieve an IP address you should have no trouble.
  4. Thank you! I had a wireless router set up at one time, I think I can dust it off and give it a try.
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