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Hello, i am getting ready to put a clean windows7 op sys on my dell machine. i wanna make sure i have all necessary drivers i need. is there a quick way to do this? OR do i go in device manager and get driver and go to manufact website to get updated drivers for windows7 one by one?
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  1. what is the model of your dell? punch it into and select the version of windows 7 your goin to install (32bit/64bit) and see if they offer drivers for it, if so, download them to a USB flash drive or burn them to a cdr/dvdr and use them after installing windows 7 - if your using AHCI make sure you have AHCI drivers for your dell machine on a flash drive before installing windows 7 as it may need them in order to read your hard drive .. or disable AHCI in the bios if you dont have a flash drive
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