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hi i have the following for a PC im building, specs are as below:

GeForce GTS 450:
intel core 2 duo
3gb ram (ddr2)
sound card (£3.08)

this is an extra PC im building and dont really mind if my PSU blows out on this PC (as long as its not on my main PC, i dont mind lol), anyway the PSU i want to get for this PC is 500W:

as i said i know its not branded, but i just want to know will this work?
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  1. You can go here and fill out your components to see what your minimum PSU requirement will be:

    I took the liberty of entering your specs (guessed at a few things, HDs etc) and came up with this: 296watt recommendation. So I'd say at least a 400w will work for you machine. Granted you can be more precise with filling out your system on that site.

    Also it's a good idea to look for a few things when purchasing a PSU.
    1. Active PFC (Power Factor Correction), it's hard to find PSUs without this now-a-days but your should still be aware of it.
    2. 12v Rail. having more reduced volatility since the power drawl is spread out over more rails, having 2 is usually recommended.
    3. 80+ cert. I wouldn't by anything that doesn't have a bronze or higher 80+ certification. You can see the details of the bronze - silver - gold ratings here:,692532/80-Plus-What-the-PSU-certification-stands-for/Knowledge/

    Hope that helps!
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