Urgent help please

PC wont install windows

New build, i5 2500K + P8P67 mobo + HD6950 + 4GB RAM (authorized) + 128GB SSD

done a bench test, all ok.

Install SSD & DVD-Rom, vista installs 40% then hangs for well over an hour, mouse goes jittery then all freezes up
XP trys to install (well seems to) but then get instant BSOD

Dive is fine, formatted it, put in pc im on now without any other HDD, installed windows from same discs & booted perfect

What could I have done wrong in build if anything ?

On new build, SSD connected to white sata on mobo

Been tring since 8.30am, if any1 can help, would be gr8

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  1. Check for a loose ram stick, or bad stick of ram. Try installing windows with just one stick in dimm slot one. Then run memtest with each stick one at a time.
  2. It sounds like ram.. Like Oldie said try with 1 ram stick, or Download the MS memtest boot cd and run that to check the ram.
  3. Def not ram, think Ive sussed it

    Although I still cant install Vista, I have managaed to install XP (I think Vista disc has some added protection from Dell) anyway, what I did is change SATA from ACHI to IDE

    Does it matter that I couldnt install from AHCI especially as mobo is brand new

    Also, I "think" AHCI is for hot swapping, is this right, as this is a feature that I will use, well, possibly in the future

  4. I have seen this issue several times and in each case, Memtest86+ found a problem.
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