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Can using RivaTuner Fan contorls on a card damage it?

Simple question, I used RivaTuner on two cards i had that went bad (SLI at first then singe then both went bad) The were both 8800 GT cards. Could the fact that I used RivaTuner on them (with drivers that Riva Tuner Supported) have made the cards go bad. If not is it safe to use on the replacement card i get for the ones that went bad?

EDIT: I never used RivaTuner to overclock the only thing i did was change the fan from direct to auto contorl so that it would ramp up when i was running games. I Also increased the min duty cycle some.
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    My 8800GT's have been running with Rivatuner for over three and a half years without issue but they have also had their fans controlled (or not rather) by the motherboard so it might well be an issue with whether Rivatuner was reading from the right sensors or not.
  2. I use rivatuner all the time to control fan speeds never had any problems. (Used Radeon 2900 XT and 4870)
  3. The only way adjusting the fan's auto control parameters would cause problems is if you set it too run too slowly at load and allowed the gpu to overheat. So, in answer to your question, yes, setting the fan control incorrectly can cause your video card to go bad.
  4. But as a follow up, using Rivatuner correctly should not make your GPU go bad.
  5. I didnt run it too slowly at load, i specifically made sure it would be faster at load. It was at 100% when i was playing some games (Mainly GTAIV) So whatever caused the cards to go wanst RivaTuner. Thanks guys, i know it will be a good program to use with my new card now.
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