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core-i3, asus p7p55d pro, pny pc3 10666 ddr3 ram (4gig dimm and 2gig dimm), ati 5750 1gig, and a WD 500gig HD. windows 7 64it

i keep failing to boot (mobo says its the ram), so every time i turn on my computer i have to run the mem ok to get it to boot but after that it runs fine. after boot its fine recognizes all 6gigs at 1333mhz speed. i wanted to know how to fix/ whats the problem with the boot that makes me have to run mem ok every time? hate having to open up my comp and running mem ok every time i turn on my computer =/
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  1. this sounds a little similar to what's going on with my computer right now. IDK if it will make a difference but have you tried flipping your power switch on the psu off whenever you computer isn't on? I fail probably 90% of boots if I don't do that
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