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Hello, I built a computer for my boss about a month ago. He told me about an issue he is having though. The computer seems to lag or stop and think quite often. It does it in word, adobe acrobat, and AutoCAD 2011. Its totally random when it happens. He does not click on something to make it happen. He will just move the mouse and it will freeze and windows 7 loading circle will pop up for a few seconds to 30 seconds.

CPU: i7 950

MOBO: Asus p6x58d-e

RAM: 3X4gig=12gig G skill ripjaws

GPU: Firepro V4800

PSU: Corsair 650


Case: Cooler Master 430 elite

OS: Windows 7 Pro

SSD: Intel 40gig SSD
HDD: 2 seagate 320gb in RAID 1

OS, adobe, AutoCAD installed on SSD, everything else gets installed on the seagates.

Please help on this... I am kinda puzzled.

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  1. Question... how much space is left on the SSD after installation of the programs and OS?

    You need at least 10% free for TRIM to do what it needs to do, which can effect your performance. I would make sure to check to see you have at least 10% available and if not, try and off load files or even less used apps to the Seagate drive. After doing so, run the new Intel Solid State Drive Toolbox 2.x
  2. Just got back into the office... The ssd has more then 10% left. I will try running that link. I will post back later today with the results.
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