Windows 7 installation

I have tried everything that has been said on here and still could not get windows 7 installed.
So i dragged out my old laptop and downloaded Linux Mint 10 and burnt the iso to dvd, installed it and the computer is now running win 7 in "Virtual box" inside of Linux.
I have been running like this for 2-3 days now and find that this new version of linux makes windows 7 look like an old tractor with 2 wheels on it.!!!
I'm not going back to slow old windows again.
Try it and see.
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  1. Are you trying to get help with anything?

    If you want help with installing Windows 7 post why you couldn't install.

    Many people here run Linux but also many people here play games and run professional applications like Photoshop and ACAD. Sure some games may run under Wine but we as enthusists don't settle for less performance then we own.

    We know the advantages and disadvantages to Linux, you don't have to try and sell it.
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