New Build, no video...possibly posts...

I just finished building a new gaming PC but this is my first build and I'm not sure why I'm having a particular problem.

I have no video. I can't see the BIOS or anything. Nothing comes up on my monitor.

i5 760
MSi H55M - ED55
2x2GB Patriot G Sector 5 (PC3-10666)
730W Raidmax PSU

So before I got my RAM (received today 11/16) GPU (11/9) I powered everything up and I periodically got 3 long beeps.

Now I understand that with my CPU doesn't support onboard graphics. So my logic is to install the GTX 470 and plug in video out of that when booting. I get 1 long beep and 2 short beeps but no video. I have checked which slots my RAM is in. Currently I have 1x2GB stick in the DIMM1 slot which is supposedly where it should be when booting a lynnfield chip.

can anyone tell me if I'm on the right track with the beeps...are the beeps good, bad, indifferent?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm currently freaking out that I broke something.
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  1. So i just read up on the beep codes and my code is for display adapter problems. My GTX 470 came with one power connector but it has to connectors total on the card itself, perhaps it requires 2 connections?
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    yes, it does. the power connector included is a converter if your card doesn't have two of the right connectors already
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  4. I actually solved this before you posted but since you're the only one who posted, and posted the correct answer no less, you win!
  5. lol
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