GT120 died, need a replacement but finding it hard to find one.

Hi all,

One of the pc's at my home's gpu's fan decided to give up the ghost and it's now clicking and whirring on like a dying erm gpu fan.

Does anyone know where i can get a replacement, space is limited however as it's a m atx case and the gt120 barely fitted itself, i spotted the gt130 on the nvidia website but it's apparently not for sale? Can't see it on scan and or amazon, does anyone know of a place i could purchase this card or something similar, baring in mind that space is an issue. Cheers.

Win vista 32bit
AMD x3 8650
3gb ram
Nvidia 8200 chipset
Oh and it's a HP

Only had it since March - 09, hp won't fix it, theyre really stubborn and annoying, based in south africa too which is awful seeing as i'm in the uk.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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  1. The cards you are talking about would be OEM parts that they supply to HP etc for ready made systems, quite low end.

    What type of use do you want from a new card and if gaming is involved what type and please include your screen size ?
    You wont get anything fantastic without a PSU upgrade but im sure we can get you a nice performance boost.
    For referance the card you had/have is roughly the same as Nvidia's old 9500GT from what i have read about it.
    Also can you give us a budget to aim at and we can send some links to suitable cards

    Mactronix :)
  2. Hi and thanks for replying.

    The max budget we have is around £80 but i would prefer one for about £50 or less if possible, this is quite a small case and cooling is a slight issue although it does get good temps.

    Some games are played on this pc (pro evo soccer etc) but nothing heavy like metro 2033 or anything, I would just like a graphics card on par or just below the HD5770.

    I've looked into the GT240 which is apparently the same as an 8800 which i have myself on another pc, i've found this card to play every game i've ever thrown at it. Crysis, albeit on medium - high settings.

    Please also consider the size too. The card which is on it's way out is rather small (around 16cm ish) When the fan got stuck and started clicking, someone tried to play pes2010 and got a temp of 110 degrees C, Lol.
  3. You can look into the HD 5670.
  4. ATI have released a fanless 5770, I'm not sure if it would fit, and you'd probably have to upgrade your PSU, but it would play all games at good resolutions.
  5. So 16cm ish long, do you have a hight issue, would you need a low profile card ? or is it a full height card ?

  6. Both height and length are an issue, the case has basically restricted space all around, which is what i mentioned earlier. The card is around 16cm long and around 7cm wide. It just about fits although i could probably fit a little more in, lets say about a cm on each length.

    Will take a look at the 5670, the fanless 5770 sounds cool too, only i don't think upgrading the psu is an option to be honest.
  7. Hellooooooo?? ne1
  8. you can try going for a GTS 450.Its of the fermi series requires minimum 400W PSU.About size,I think it will fit in your system without probs.It'll be a gr8 replacement.

    check out
  9. Anik8 said:
    you can try going for a GTS 450.Its of the fermi series requires minimum 400W PSU.About size,I think it will fit in your system without probs.It'll be a gr8 replacement.

    check out

    Cheers m8, i'll pop that on my list of things to check out, are there alternatives, lets say an ati equivalent? I'm thinking dx 11.
  10. dlads said:
    Hellooooooo?? ne1


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