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I have currenty an Antec 850 watt which has been overheating recently and shutting my pc down. my specs are

Asus MB P5N, 2 sticks of DDR2 4 gigs, 3 regular sata drives, 2 optical drives, 5 case fans from 92 to 120mm, Intel E6400 dual core 2 processor, Creative soundblaster pci card, 2 Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS 650mb video cards in sli mode. what do i need to work with this setup properly. thanks

i looked at the calculators it could not be correct that most of them say either 400 watt to 600 watt. not sure what it is .
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  1. gow75 said:
    I have currenty an Antec 850 watt

    Would that be an .....


    The PSU shouldn't be overheating ..... is it clogged with dust ? Are the fans spinning ? Are the fan inlet / outlets blocked ? How much wattage is being drawn from wall ?

  2. sorry it is actually a 800watt i dont know the model. the way that the power supply sits in the chassis is on the bottom instead of at the top like some other cases. i will have to check to see if the fan is spinning.
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