HD or Geforce ??

am thinking about a new video card in an normal price range i can buy a
xfx hd 5670
or i should go with the 9600gt 1gb gddr3

i heard the 9600 is better i dont know just help
i have
c2d e8400@ 3.00ghz
gigabyte g13m mainboard
2.5 gb of ram @ 400mhz
palit 9500gt 1gb ddr2
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  1. if there is abetter card the current budget about 120 $ say it !!
  2. HD 5770 is a very good mid range card and for only £120
  3. ok here is the thing
    i need the card for gaming
    my monitor res is 1280x1024
    i want to play games in high performance and medium to high settings and i have crossair 350watt power supply
  4. Probably a lot cheaper in the states too.
  5. If you buy online you should be able to get a 5750 at least, or a 5770 if you can get a bit more. If your a die hard Nvidia fan you can get the GTS450. I'd get the 5770 over that card however.
  6. so i go with the 5770 is it good for gaming and is it future proof ??? about 2 years ??
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  8. With ac complete lack of details we have no idea how well it will last.
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