Athlon II x4 640 stock 65c under load?

Hello, I bought an AMD Athlon II x4 640 3.0ghz for christmas. Instead of using the stock heatsink I used the one from my old x2 6400+ windsor with AS5. Today I ran prime95 stress test and got 65c (cpu temp, not cores). Its costing around 58c now as I type this. My qyestion to you all is, are these temps acceptable for my chip? they seem too high.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. 71c is the max temp on this cpu, and yes, your cpu load temps (65c) seem a bit high...

    i ran prime95 and my load temps was from 51c-53c, we have the same cpu anyway...

    my cpu's idle temps are around 27-29c...
  2. I see. What kind of cooler do you have? Would reapplying thermal paste help?
  3. i am using OCZ Vendetta 2 for my cooler...

    you can always try reapplying the thermal paste and check temps again...

    there's no harm in trying... ;)

    anyways, i just edited my last post...

    load temp is 53c instead of 47c...
  4. Dang. Max load temp was 65c. Cores never went above 49c. I guess I'll reapply when I get my 5770? I dont understand though? Is it my heatsink? Would the stock one be better? It looked like a little rinky dink thing.
  5. hmmm... im really not sure if its the cooler though...

    ocz vendetta 2 is just for $20... :D
  6. Anyone else who has the same chip care to post their temps?
  7. I just checked my idle temp with the stock cooler(cool n quiet enabled) and it's reading 15C(58F) on the cores. It has to be wrong as it's about 65F in this room right now and I don't see how it can be cooler than air temp.

    I'd check load temps for you, but I honestly don't have anything installed at the moment that will push this thing, and my readings seem to be off anyways.
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    I'm using the stock cooler with my 640 and no overclock. Using Speedfan, coretemp, asus probe, BIOS to check temps.

    My prime95 load temp ~55C max at the CPU, 60C on cores, and my cpu fan doesn't even ramp up from 3375 RPM, it can do like 5000+ I believe.

    I just put 2 new enermax ucma12 120mm case fans in. I have coolermaster Elite 310 case, PSU top, 120mm rear exhaust, 120mm front intake, side vent with no fan.

    Gaming with my HIS hd5770 at stock speed it will hit 50C max, and again the CPU fan stays at 3375 which is almost dead silent. I have Cool'n'Quiet enabled in the BIOS, but I have Windows 7 set to not use it. Q'fan is disabled in BIOS for cpu and case fans. Asus 790x mobo.

    Also, sometimes these processor read wrong temps, theres a 15C offset(sometimes 10 like I think mine is) that needs to be added, so loneninja's temps are more likely 30C on the cores.

    I idle at ~35C with ambient around 22C. (I've checked the mobo at idle with the side door off, and it gets to within 2C of my ambient thermometer, so I'd say the sensors have reasonable accuracy)

    Also, with the new fans installed my mobo temp rarely goes above ~30C while gaming or even Prime95 loaded, and I think the mobo temp is factored in controlling the CPU fan speed, so thats why my fan never ramps up anymore. Or maybe somethings wrong with it?

    The fans were about 15 bucks shipped each, but well worth it for a quieter and cooler PC. Just goes to show, that a fancy shmancy aftermarket cpu cooler won't do much good if your Case's airflow isn't adequate.

    *Warning: Meandering rant with pseudo-scientific reasoning ahead.* They are just voltage differences that are measured by the mobo and reported. There are lots of ways they can be inaccurate, so you need to use them as ballpark +/- 5C from actual is reasonable. Sometimes the software that is reading the temps is also wrong, so here's my thinking on it:

    My "CPU temp" at idle is around 33C right now, and my Core temp is reported as 23C. Now without any load, shouldn't those be identical, theres just some metal and circuit board separating where those temps are being pulled from and everything should be at about the same temperature there. So I think I have an offset equivalent to 10C on my core temp. I could be wrong, but everything I'm reading online from other AMD owners says core temps report anywhere from 5-10C higher than CPU especially under load, so I might even have a 15C offset, but that would give me a 65C under prime95 load and that's not shabby with a stock HSF.

    Any questions or thoughts are welcome.
  9. Thanks for the input. My case is a RaidMAX Tornado with all it's default fans. Rear exhaust, side exhaust, front intake, and Power Supply intake. Do you think I would see an improvement by using the stock HSF instead of using the old Windsor one with the copper piping? I always thought that in the HSF world, bigger meant better.
  10. I replaced my HSF to the stock one and stress tested and it hit 60c. 5c cooler is good in my book :D Thanks for the help everyone.
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