Bootmgr Missing and Drives Unrecognized?

Hello, everyone! I'm new here, but I've lurked this 'site for years. I figured now's an appropriate time to join because I have a few questions that I haven't found answers for. Any help will be greatly appreciated! I'll do my best to include as much info' as possible, including pictures. I recently clean installed Windows 7. Prior to installation, I had problems with an existing Intel's Smart Response Technology configuration. I solved the problem by wiping my primary HDD with DBAN and my SSD with Parted Magic. I now have a fresh install with SRT (RAID 0) enabled again. Everything was working well 'til I attempted to use Windows 7 Boot Updater. I'm prompted with multiple errors about bootmgr missing. I was planning on fixing that using System Repair or the bootrec.exe tool, but my drives aren't recognized in the System Recovery Settings. I don't know whether it's a RAID configuration problem, os problem, driver problem, or a Boot Updater problem. Admittedly, I'm illiterate in regards to drives.

I apologize for the wall of pictures. I'd rather give too much info' than not enough, though. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!
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  1. load the raid drivers just like you would during install.
  2. I manually installed the driver from my motherboard's support CD via USB. When I begin to install Windows my drives are now recognized. My os isn't recognized yet, though, and that's what I need to use bootrec. After the drivers installed, I got another prompt about a solution to my missing bootmgr. I tried to repair and restart, but it failed. Any other recommendations, guys? :/

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