Will P8H67 work for gaming?

Building a new pc pretty soon, on a fairly tight budget, I've seen a deal for a i5 3.1ghz 2500 processor, cooling fan & a P8H67 motherboard for a very reasonable price.

I have no real intentions of overclocking and I would just like to know if the P8H67 will do for gaming.

Also, does anyone know if the P8H67 is better than the Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P motherboard?
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  1. It is fine for gaming.
    Those two boards are not comparable since one is for AMD the other Intel.
  2. The H67 is the best choice.

    H67 is the chip set intended to work with the non k version i5 2500. Since the main feature of the other two p67 and z68 are really for over clocking only.

    Really there is no need for expansive board unless it got some feature you need such as SLI, Crossfire, more SATA port then you need or more USB port. Its minimum impact when comes to gaming.
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