Single SSD sata III or 2 SSD's in RAID 0 sata II?

I just built my first gaming PC with a single WD black 7200rpm 500gb HDD with full intent of replacing it with SSD's in the near future.

I have an ASUS P8Z77-V pro mobo that has 2 ASMedia sata III, 2 Intel sata III, 2 Intel sata II, and 2 ASMedia sata II ports. Only the Intel ports support RAID. Now that TRIM is currently available I want to run an OCZ Vertex 4 64gb SSD for boot drive, and 2 Vertex 4 128gb SSD's in RAID 0 for JUST games.

My question is do I run the boot drive on the Intel sata III and the RAID array on Intel sata II or the other way around? Or would I be better off running a single Vertex 4 256gb on sata III instead of the 2 SSD's in RAID 0?

I do realize the risk of data loss here, but it's only game files and I'm looking for performance in gaming. I am also considering leaving the mechanical drive in on one of the ASMedia ports for back up just in case.

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  1. SSD (boot drive) will always connect to the SATAIII if your MB has those ports.

    I recommend to use one 256GB on the SATAIII instead of the raid0, you know the raid if your one driver is gone then all your data/OS is gone with it.
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    SSDs only affect load times and wont really affect a games performance. Since you would only see about 230mb/s with a vertx4 on a sata2 port I'd suggest putting the os on with the games n stuff on the raid0 intel sata3 array and skipping the 3rd ssd.
  3. I have considered that as well. However, 256gb is pushing it as far as storage space. I was also considering 2 256gb SSD's in RAID 0 on Intel sata III and the 500gb mechanical drive as back up on Intel sata II.
  4. One SSD in the SATAIII port is fast enough. Yes you can put the backup drive into the any SATAII ports.
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