Intel Hd built in or ati Hd 2400 pro

I have just upgraded my mother board which has intel HD gfraphics on board.I was using ATI2400 pro. which has the best performance
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  1. i used to have the hd2400 pro. its better then integrated cards but its still not a gaming card. you can play source games fine but modern games will struggle.
  2. My main usage is Photoshop, I rarely am a gamer. I do some video work using Magix pro.
  3. then the answer your looking for is yes, HD2400 pro is better then intel hd graphics.
  4. System
    Intel i5 650
    4 GB DDR3 1333 ram

    I guess I am looking for a graphics card upgrade
  5. since you arent gaming and already have the 2400 pro you should use it for now. ati advertised it for giving twice the performance of intel integrated graphics.
  6. Thanks
    Going down the store tomorrow to get a HD5450 .
  7. Bought the hHD5450 works fine. Closing thread
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