Need help just did my first build.

Hey everyone I just built this computer last night, well basically upgraded most of one to all new parts. I am having an issue where when go to start and click restart the monitor will go to sleep but the tower stays running full speed, then I have to manually hold the power button down and start it. That is the first problem the second problem is with my razer naga mouse it worked fine on my old motherboard but on this one whenever I first start up it will not power up I have to pull the usb cord and put it back in then it works fine. I have updated the firmware for the naga also and I have also used the MSI live updater even tho when it was done it says I have the same drivers still lol. Here is what I have.

AMD phenom ii x4 955 black edition
MSI 970a-g45 Mobo
8gb kingston memory
4gb memory from original lenovo computer
nvidia 460 gtx graphics card
Rocketfish gaming 600w peak 500w normal PSU
Razer Naga mouse
Standard ps2 keyboard
Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
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  1. Oh and I forgot I bought a black widow v9 black gaming case also
  2. It sounds like you have not wired/connected the power,restart and usb headers correctly. Check all the wiring from the MB to the case connections. Consult the case and MB instructions. Check windows power options also for the sleepy monitor.
  3. So your saying the little tiny wires that go to the jfp thing
  4. Ok update I have flipped the wires opposite on the reset switch spot on the jfp1 and turned all the sleep options I could find off and now my computer will restart when I hit restart and not just have the monitor sleep forever yeahhhh!!!!!
    That only leaves one problem left everytime my computer restarts my razer naga mouse is dead and I have to literally unplug it from the usb spot and plug it back in and it works perfect I have no idea why its doing this I tried updating the firmware already also.
  5. Check out the wiring of your USB controlling as well.

    I see you mixed quite different RAM sticks. Although this does not seem to be an issue for you, it is definitely not recommended.
  6. I am going to give up lol I cannot for the life of me figure this out maybe i can try taking out the memory but do you think that could cause the razer naga to do this.
  7. Have you tried the mouse in more than one USB port? Does it malfunction in all of them? You might try un-installing the drivers and software. Shut the comp. off and unplug the mouse. Re-start and plug it in after windows starts. Does windows recognize the device? The drivers and software are just for the special features. It should work as a regular mouse in windows.
  8. I just turned off my pc and took out the two old sticks of ram and booted it up i seen windows trying to install the usb driver for the mouse but then it says not installed correctly and i have to unplug the mouse and plug it right back in then it works.
  9. Ok i deleted the firmware updater and uninstalled a composite usb device from the device manager shutdown windows and turned it back on with the mouse unplugged. When I plugged it in it started working imediately and did not install anything I dont know what to think lol.
  10. Great, now try the software. Make sure you have the latest version for windows 7/64. I am assuming the software is to customize the buttons and other gaming parameters.
  11. Ok heres an update I shutdown my computer took the motherboard battery out, then i reinstalled battery and reisntalled windows again. I used my gfs usb mouse this time instead of my naga and its fine, but the restart problem is still there. I have noticed if im installing a windows update and it asks to restart my computer will restart fine, but If i hit start shutdown then click restart my windows will shutdown then my monitor goes black and says analog power saving mode , but my computer tower stays on but just does not restart, I then have to manually hit the reset button on top of the tower then it restarts fine this is driving me crazy lol.
  12. Alright update part 2

    I have plugged the naga mouse in it says installing device drivers , installed and then it works.
    I then restart my computer wich btw actually restarts fine now I have no idea why lol, My mouse lights do not power up while its restarting then it says device drivers not properly installed and i have to unplug it from the usb and plug it back in then it works fine.
  13. Look at the mouse instructions closely. Some devices want the drivers in first then plug in the device. Others the dive is plugged in and then you can install drivers. But if I understand, all the problems are solved except the mouse feature drivers. I suggest you uninstall the drivers, reboot; install the drivers and reboot again. Check you power saving options again, since you reinstalled windows they may need to be reset.
  14. Ok this morning I turned on my computer after doing a driver and firmware update on my razer naga last night and it worked!!!! So then I was thinking maybe this was a fluke lol so I decided to shutdown my computer and turn it back on because I noticed I had a couple windows updates ready to install anyways and what do you know it did the device driver not properly installed think again :cry: I then unplugged the mouse and plugged it back in and its fine this is insane lol.
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    I did a bit of research. There is a problem with the Razer-Naga. Here is the link for you to read through ( The quote below is from that forum. Try it, there is also another more involved solution posted if it does not work. You also might try a google search yourself (search: device driver not properly installed razer naga). The abundance of others reporting similar problems could have saved you a re-install and much time.
    "I have fixed the problem. I downloaded the firmware updater and updated the Naga there is a patch for the not found bug for Win7, hold all 3 buttons down during the install if was hard wish i hand extra hands to do it but I did it and it worked."
  16. Yeah i did that like three times already thanks for all the help man I just might have to live with unplugging and plugging it in all the time :lol:
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