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Graphics Card decision, Opinions appreciated...

Good Day all!

I was planning on building a PC...
So far I have:
-Intel Dual Core E5500(2.80 GHz)
-2x 2GB DDR2-800 RAM (Kingston)
-Asus P5QPL-AM Motherboard
-generic 500W PSU

These parts were given to me, and since I don't want to waste it I'm gonna build it.
My question is what card should I give it? here are my choices:
*Sapphire Radeon HD5570 1GB DDR3
*Palit 9800GT 1GB DDR3
*Sparkle GT240 1GB DDR3

And depending if I can acquire the budget for it:
*Sapphire Radeon HD5770 1GB DDR5

Please do note that I dont live in the US, and the stocks and choices of Grpahics cards in my country(Philippines) is kinda limited. And the ones I mentioned above are the only "higher-end" cards available...

As of posting, I am leaning on the HD5570 as a good deal but the HD5770 is giving puppy-eyed looks at me, or more specifically... my wallet.

I have already read a dozen reviews on those cards but I would like for the good people of these community to help me out?

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More about graphics card decision opinions appreciated
  1. Of all those cards I would get the 5770 for sure - it will give good gaming results on all games at low resolutions, and most games at high resolutions. The others are a bit weak TBH.
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    9800GT is a good card for you from 3 options above...
    Can you tell us more about your PSU? Amperage on each rails?
  3. @RickyT23:
    Yes, I am aware of that fact. But the alternative would be for me to import the parts which is out of the question for me, not to mention the budget.

    I just noticed it just now when I looked at the specs, I had a 600W PSU :na:

    Anyways, here is what the PSU says on its sticker:
    DC OUTPUT (MAX) 600W
    +5V = 44A
    -5V = 0.5A
    +12V = 21A
    -12V = 0.5A
    +3.3V = 31A
    +5VSB = 2.0A
  4. ur psu seems gud 2 me. u can buy 5770 but ur cpu wil bottleneck da graphics card.
    can u tel me abt ur budget
  5. All I really need now is the Graphics card.
    -Intel Dual Core E5500(2.80 GHz)
    -2x 2GB DDR2-800 RAM (Kingston)
    -Asus P5QPL-AM Motherboard
    -generic 500W PSU

    Is what I have and they were given to me by my friends and since I dont want these to gather dust, I decided to build it.

    As of posting, the 9800GT costs around 117$(converted from local currency at current exchange rate of 1$ = 44PhP) while the HD5770 costs 194$ at the nearest PC shop...
    I would have settled for a 130$ card, but as with the poor selection at where I am, I have to make do with what is available :pfff:

    So I can either go for the HD5770 or the 9800GT depending on how far I can stretch my budget?

    And also, would you expound what impact should the processor "bottle-neck" the system?
    And would having a Core2Duo E7500 (2.93Ghz) instead somewhat remedy this?
  6. Well, that's +12V = 21A only, so I won't run HD5770 on that PSU to be safe.
    HD5570, 9800GT and GT240 should work fine with your PSU.
  7. 5770 all the way - it deliveres good performace for people who cannot afford the 5870 and 5970's of this world. Youl be able to play current games on at least medium settings at solid resolutions at very playable frame rates. If you really want to go nuts then get a 5850, 5870 or even a 5970 - its nuts, performance is amazing, but to go higher than the 5770 you would need more than 500 psu and your cpu would most probably bottleneck the card.

    My verdict - 5770 I had it and it was very good!
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