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Hi All

I hope you can help me out again, I recently purchessed a "ALL IN 0NE SATA IDE HDD DOCKING STATION" It says it is for hard disk cloning but I want to be able to see whats on the HDD before I use it, dose any one out there have one of these things and can tell me how I can see whats on the HDD, I am currently running windows XP

many thanks
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  1. When you have a drive in the docking station it should be recognized like any other external hard drive. When I use the one I have, I connect it to the computer via a USB cable, put in the drive and then power up the docking station. Soon after doing that a window will pop up asking me what I want to do and I choose "Open folder to view files". If you don't see that in Windows XP you can go to Windows Explorer and view the contents of the drive from there.
  2. Same here, I have a docking station as well, but different brand. I just plug my hard drivers in the station, and just connect it to my desktop or laptop. It will automatically recognize my hard drivers to view. I tried it on my Windows and Mac. Maybe you have a CD that can install your HDD docking station to be recognized if it doesn't automatically? or Maybe you can go to the brand website to download the install program?
  3. Have done the above my computer dose see the docking station as drive "F" but when I go to access the drive it tells me that I need to insert a disk, even though i already have a SATA HDD inserted, have also tried to access a IDE HDD and still can't see any HDD's
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