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Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting another XFX Alpha dog edition 8800 GT to go with my existing one.
However, the clock speeds are different on the cards, will that cause SLI not to function at all or to function at a capacity limited to the clock speed of the slower card?
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    What about brands ?
    Well the brand doesn't matter , again for example , you can use a XFX card with a EVGA card , or a SAPPHIRE card with a DIAMOND card , just make sure they have the same memory and same clocks.

    What happens if the cards have different amount of memory?
    For ATI cards;
    One of the cards will raise/lower its clock speeds to reach the other card's speeds.
    For Nvidia cards;
    Well it "was" like ATI with older drivers, but with new drivers its quite different.If you use 2(or more) Nvidia cards with different clock speeds in SLI mode,none of them will change their clocks and they will perform at their default clock speed.
  2. That's actually what I was a bit mixed up about, the first comment about brands makes it sound like SLI/Xfire won't work, if the clocks or the memories aren't the same.

    Thank you for clearing it up!
  3. The clocks don't synch in sli period and any one who tells you differently doesn't know very much or is out of date. The clocks haven't been syched for two years now with every release of the forceware drivers since.

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  4. And that's pretty much what i said.
    When SLI was first introduced(and up to the time of 79xx series),the cards used to sync clocks with each other, but with the newer drivers they don't sync anymore.
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