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hey fellas ...i have a sapphire 5850 and i think the core temp is so CPU got a few overclock( i7 920 from 2.6 to 3.15) without increasing the voltage.but i did not overclock the VGA.the temp is ~48 in windows but in the games like world of warcraft that i have tested the temp is around 77!! :o i have system crashes some times.the screen will be dark and the keyboard will be lock.solution is the reset only :D but i dont know that its because of the VGA temp or the CPU OC.
what should i do !? thx
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  1. I dont think 77degrees is too bad for a Radeon 5850, mine regularly goes to that sort of temperature.

    More likely the problem is that you arent supplying enough voltage to your CPU, or you dont have a powerful enough PSU, or your CPU is overheating. Check to see how clean your heatsink is, if it is seated properly. Try running RealTemp at the same time as ORTHOS or Prime95.

    Full system specs?
  2. 48'C idle and 77'C full load are not bad, they're still normal...
    What is your PSU? brand? model?
    Try update your driver with the latest one or even the old drivers like 10. or 10.4.
  3. Yep, GPU temps are fine. Have you stress tested that CPU/Memory OC to make sure it is stable with a program like Prime95 or LinX/IBT?
  4. tnx for answering
    full sys spec :
    CPU : i7 920 OVed to 3.15 (21*150MHz)
    RAM : teamgroup 6GB DDR3 1800
    Power : ACbel 700 watt
    CPU fan : tuniq tower 120
    case : cooler master
    i OCed the Cpu a bit but didn't change the CPU vol.and tested by the OCCT.during the test the CPU temp was around 76 77 degree.actually i dont know how much i must increase the CPU vol so i didnt do any :D the current VCOR is 1.21.wanna some pic from CPUz or ... ??!
  5. Why don't you try playing without the OC for a while and see if you experience any crashes.
  6. hmmm yea good im doing to try that:((...but i love my CPU in over:D
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