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Hi all.

I've currently got a system with an Athlon64 6000 Dual core with an Alive Sata2 G-lan MoBo and a Radeon HD 4670 GFX Card. I hoped it would still be man enough for the latest Call of Duty but it appears not; so what I hoped would be an upgrade is looking more like a new build will be required.

After I heared about the Phenom II 6 core 1090T I thought it would be a no brainer until I discussed it with a friend at college who suggested I come on here to review the processor. It would appear that the Phenom II is not as good as it seems where gaming is concerned so I've ruled out the Phenom II.

I've also looked at the article posted here which covers the best gaming CPU for October 2010.
The CPU that jumps out at me is the Intel Core i7 950 3.06GHz.
But before I make any rash decisions, I thought I'd ask here to see what you guys would build with my budget & requirements.

Budget: £800/$1,270

System Usage In Order of Priority: Gaming, Software Compiling, Video & Audio Rendering, Office / College Work

CPU Requirements: Any; to best suit requirements & budget

Graphics Requirements: x2 Crossfire, ATI Radeon Prefered, DX11, HD, or x1 Performance Equivalent Card or Better, open to suggestion here. Which ever works well with rest of componants

Motherboard Requirements: Which ever suits CPU and Graphics Requirements, At least 1 IDE head

Storage Requirements: x2 1TB HDD

Power Requirements: Support All Of Above with head room for other devices in future.

Other Comments or Notes: Ideally, I would like the parts of the build to be as suited to each other as possible so as to get the most out of each component with the whole build geared mainly towards gaming while being reasonably future proof if possible. My last upgrade / new build was about 3 - 4 years ago so I don't want to do this again for a while.

Thanks :)
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  1. Also forgot to add that I will require some RAM...
    At least 4GB of any recomended RAM which will work well with all the other componants of the build.
    I plan on running a 64 Bit version of Windows 7 Professional on the build.
  2. Just a quick note, don't have time for a full response, I'm sure a few people will jump in with full builds.

    Not sure if you've seen this, but here's the most recent Best Gaming CPUs for the money.

    The Phenom II X4 is a perfectly fine gaming CPU. The i5-750/760 are also very good. In most gaming benchmarks, they perform equivalently. In productivity benchmarks, the i5 wins, in part due to its self-overclocking. At any reasonable resolution, GPU matters much more than CPU, and either the Phenom II X4 or the i5 can provide more than enough juice for pretty much any current single or dual card setup.

    The Phenom II X6 CPUs are not awesome for gaming. They operate at speeds equivalent to the X4s, but cost more, and most games don't even use 3-4 processors.

    The i7-950 is overkill for gaming. It will perform about the same as an i5 in virtually all games. If you can afford it, and it provides benefit for your other computing uses, then it mgiht be worthwhile.

    For all non-i7-9xx builds, 4 (or 8) GB RAM is ideal. For i7-9xx builds, 6 or 12 GB is the way to go.
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