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My Newly built Rig is as follows:

AMD 8 core CPU
890FXA GD70 MB
2x4GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
XFX HD7870
Corsair 750W PSU
LG Blu Ray Burner
120GB OCZ 3 max IOPS SSD
HAF912 Tower
Windows 7 64bit OS.

+WD 1.5TB HDD (the problem)

My problem comes in when I attempted to add an additional WD15EARX 1.5TB HDD. The drive did not list among the available drives but when I go into Device Manager it recognizes it. I have scoured the net to find a some kind of driver with no success. I do not have internet at home so I cannot just do an online search for the drivers.
I did not assemble the components or perform the install of OS or various drivers. I left that to an aquaintance who is an expert (so as not to ruin my rig prior to launch).
An interesting side note: My OS is installed on the SSD but that is all that is on it. The SSD does not list as an available drive under My Computer either (much like the one I just tried to install). This is a frustrating point as I would like to run more than the OS itself on the SSD.

I am sure this is a simple fix but I lack a direction here. Any ideas.
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    As for the new drive have you looked under disk management to make sure it has a partition and has been formatted? If not, click on Start, type "diskmgmt.msc" without the qoutes in the search bar and then run disk management. If the new WD drive shows up with unallocated space then you can right click on it and create a new volume. See for more detailed instructions. You can also see the status of you SSD in disk management.
  2. Yes! I also agree with kenrivers. To free up the unallocated space, you may need to read these:
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  4. It is working great. Thanks for the tips. It even helped me to access the SSD. All good now. Take Care...
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