Geforce gts 450

hi all :)

rite i am looking to upgrade my geforce 9600gt to a zotac gts 450 (Not the amp one) my only worry is the psu watts and the 12v rail

my psu is a SilverStone SST-ST45SF 450 watts with a single 12v rail 36 A

and my system is:

motherboard: zotac 9300-K-E
cpu: core 2 quad q6600
memory: 4gb g.skill ripjaws
hard drive: 1 320gb seagate barracuda 7200
and 1 dvd rw drive

i use my system as a living room itx top box (htpc) gaming, reeview and watching dvds etc
my kind of games are dawn of war 2 and battman arkham asylum and call of dudty mw 2

thanks for any info on the watts and 12v rail :D
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  1. I think you will be OK with that PSU - AFAIK the GTS 450 requires 22 amps on the 12v rails. And you have 36, so I think you have enough headroom there :)

    I believe they recommend a 500 watt PSU, but it is unlikely that the total system would draw that much power under load. Take a look at this for more info:

    If it was me, personally I would go ahead and install your GTS 450 (sure you dont want to fork out a bit more and get the far superior GTX 460?)

    Anyway, here is an interesting article where they test your PSU to be stable at 530-550 watts! :) :)
  2. hey thanks for all your info and links :)

    i was thinking of a gtx 460 but wasnt shure about the psu so you think the gtx 460 will work with the psu?

    i have got a jeantech storm psu the one with a watt meter at the back so i can see how much watts im pulling could give it a test :)

    would love the gtx 460 as i can put that with the water loop more bling :sol:

    just want the best card to fit the lil beast also i use nvidia stereoscopic 3d for gaming

  3. The GTX460 will be fine, in fact power-wise, even the GTX470 can be used.
  4. ok i have made my mind up and have decided to go with the zotac gtx 470, i know im hiting the dead line of the psu but hey thats the whole fun of building computers trying to squeeze every watts out of the system ;)

    done a little research on the card and im a 100% happy with it :D

    system should be ok for 3 years yeah? with the odd little up grade here and there ssd after this i think and job done

    thanks RickyT23, Timop and ct1615
  5. Watch the temps on the 470, it could get real hot real quick in that ITX case.
  6. dont go a gtx470 with a 450 watt, will be pushing the PSU too hard. It will run, but running a PSU near its upper limits for too long will kill it. if you want a little bit more beef than a 460, get a 5850, less power hungry than a gtx470.
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