Wireles N adapter connection to wireless N router question

Have a wireless N router. Bought a Belkin wireless N USB adapter for my laptop. Not up on my wireless knowledge so question is: why is the connection showing it is connected at 54Mbps?
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  1. Is the router wireless mode set to 802.11n -- or mixed mode ?

    Is the router Belkin also or an older model of a different brand ?
  2. Did you setup the security on it already? If not, you should... but if yes, I believe that you need to use WPA-2 for wireless-n.
  3. The router is set to WPA-PSK and it is a NetGear Wireless-N WNR834B v2. Looks like it 802.11n
  4. As mentioned above try setting the router's wireless security to WPA2 and check wireless mode is 802.11n
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