Samsung 840 pro 128gb vs Samsung 840 pro 256gb

Samsung 840 pro 128gb and Samsung 840 pro 256gb performances are different ?

Different specs are just about sequential write speed ( 390MB/sec - 520MB/sec ) and cache memory ( 256gb - 512gb ).

Can you really perceive these different specs while your are working with your computer, or are they just something for benchmarks ?

Thank you

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  1. You typically would not notice any difference in performance between modern 3rd generation SATA 3 6Gb/s solid state drives. The same usually applies to different capacities of a single model. You would have to run synthetic benchmarks to be able to identify performance differences. The synthetic benchmarks were designed to greatly exaggerate minor differences.
  2. I have 2x 128 Pros in RAID0 in my main system and a Corsair GS 128GB (555/535) in my 2nd pc (i5 3570k ~4.3ghz)

    In real life working on the machines I can see & fell that my RAID0 setup is faster, but not by much.

    If your budget allows for a 256GB then get that and you can add a 2nd drive later down the road if you "need more speed"
  3. Thank you very much.

  4. The 256 840 pro has higher transfer rates and more guaranteed working hours.
    Both of these stats are almost unmeasurable with basic human perception.

    Do you need the space or not?

    yes 256
    no 128
  5. I also agree that the difference would be essentially unnoticeable.

    Other points:
    1) The 128GB version is enough space for Window and applications. If you want to install games put them on a Hard Drive or second SSD. Most games benefit little. I have a second STEAM folder on a dedicated SSD. Since Steam allows you to backup, delete then restore a game I can move a game from the hard drive to my SSD so even a very small drive can be used for only the games you currently play (then move back to the Hard Drive when done to free space).

    2) Update the FIRMWARE using Samsung Magician (In Windows 8 I needed you may need to follow the USB or DVD boot instructions which work fine)

    3) Apply over-provisioning. This reduces space by roughly 20%. It's recommended to prevent severe performance drops later.

    4) Hybrid Sleep is the best mode to use for most people.

    5) If space is an issue you can:
    a) disable Hibernation (investigate doing so and removing the Hibernation file)
    b) reduce the Pagefile size as low as 3GB (min and max)
    c) Disable System Restore (if you do so, make sure to use a solution like Acronis True Image to backup your C-drive periodically). I recommend using about 5% for System Restore.
  6. Agree with all above comments.
    With a exception of using raid0. The disadvantages of Raid0 outweigh the small performance gain that most users wil see. Primarily, as in zander1983 system config (P67 MB) you lose TRIM. Trim is only available for Intel based series 7 MBs using the latest Intel RST driver. Heard that it may be updated to include 6 series MB. Then there is the problem that if one drive fails - EVERYthing is lost

    Just my take on photonboy's Post (MINOR)
    5 b) If you have 8+ gigs of ram try first setting min and max both to 1024 mbs. If this needs to be increased, you will get a "gentle" reminder from Windows that says "out of Memory". If you ever see this just pop i and try 2048 mbs.
    5 c) Windows 7 and 8 have an EXCELLENT backup application that will image your system drive. It will elect to save to root of internal HDD (but asks first). I then also copy to an external HDDs. Once image is completed, you will be propted to create a Bootable Repair disk - I normally skip as you can use the Windows Installation disk to recover using the image file. For windows 7 is is located in control; panel, backup. Windows 8, uSoft in their infamous wisdom Buried if - but it is there, just google "create win 8 image"
  7. Thank you for all information.

    photonboy said:
    3) Apply over-provisioning. This reduces space by roughly 20%. It's recommended to prevent severe performance drops later.

    Somebody says that, with Windows 8 pro and TRIM, you do not usually need over-provisioning. May be, you eventually need over-provisioning just in case you need to use all complete ssd space working.

    Is it correct ?
  8. Quote
    Whatever drive you end up buying, plan on using only about 75% of its capacity if you want a good balance between performance consistency and capacity.
    End quote. Ref:
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