Transcend external hard drive

Hello, my Transcend external hard drive asking to format
is it possible to fix it without formatting, i have 400 Gb data
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  2. Form my experiences, in order to fix your problem, you do have no choice but to format this drive. However, in order to save your 400GB data, you have to firstly recover your data back before the format process.
  3. Now, before you find a reliable recovery tool, you also should not save new file on this drive in case that the new data would rewrite your original data and erase it permanently.
  4. Actually, the best way for you to restore your data is to copy it from your backups. But, according to your description, you may not have one. Therefore, in the future, you should remember to keep everything important backed up on a separate drive in case of similar problems.
  5. I solved the problem but I needed a 400 gb space. Firstly, I downloaded i care data recovery 5.0 trial version. <Deleted by Moderrator>

    Then I opened Advanced Files Recovery (Don't use Deep Scan Recovery it takes long hours and you cannot recognize all recovered files) and chose the needed partition and pushed the button Recover. It took about 15 hours to recover all data (I used my laptop for this because if the process stops you need to start the process from the beginning). After, I saved all data in another drive. Then I formatted my transcend external hard drive. The last thing I moved all saved data from the drive to my transcend external hard drive.
  6. Can you please let me know how did you solve your this issue.. Even I have been fallen into same kind of issue... My 500 GB transcend HDD got crashed and It is asking to format the drive... In this drive I have my marriage picture which I need to recover dammnly...
    Please help...
    my email id
    Saifur Rahaman
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